Creating A Personal Brand

With all the talk about Creating A Personal Brand and no real definitive solution to doing so, we felt it was about time to de-mystify the process and bring it down to earth.

We've provided a clear path to differentiating yourself by bringing the concept of personal branding to bear on an individual's career, and more specifically their job hunting and job seeking activities.  The You Insta-Brand platform assists the job hunting individual in turning their average job seeking activities into a powerful effort by creating a personal brand web site that sets them apart from the crowd.

Employers Will Take Notice

It all comes together with the completion of a simple online form, very similar to the type you might fill out at any popular employment web site, but instead of it just getting filed away, (or worse yet, used a "fodder" for advertisers that generate SPAM) our strategic form—which you may preview here—is strategically turned into the powerful web site that will set you apart from the crowd and prompt your prospective employers to sit up and take notice.

Don't Be Like Everyone Else, Be Unique

Who wants to be just like everyone else?  No One!  By creating a personal brand you have a powerful tool to allow you to stand out and be unique which takes you out of the "regular pile" of prospects into the "call back" pile in short order.

Along with the completion of the personal info form, you will be asked to select one of our web design templates which you may preview here.  Following that, you sit back and within 24 hours your personal brand web site goes live.

What You Get For Just $100.00

  1. You get a website that looks like one of these: (click to preview)


  2. You get a professional PDF resume that looks like this:

  3. You get a promo banner to add to the emails you send to job opportunities letting them know that YOU stand out.  Your email banner looks like this:



By creating a personal brand you set yourself apart.  You amplify your job search activities by taking one definitive step that brands you and makes you unique—and more importantly—places you ahead of the pack.  It takes about an hour to complete the YOU Insta-Brand info gathering form that becomes the content for your website and PDF resume.  After that, your site goes LIVE in 24 hours or less.


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