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Advice: Good.  Action: Better

Advice is great.  But better than advice however is action.  Actionable steps to take that advice and put it to work for you and your life—right now.

Advice is great. Makes you feel like you’ve filled your head with good ideas and that you’re doing something good for your job situation.  But then what?  Feeling good alone is actually worthless.  Might even be harmful as you THINK you’ve gotten something done... you FEEL better about yourself—but somewhere inside you have that lurking feeling that you're kidding yourself.

Action on the other hand is really what you want.  We have a plan that’s smart, timely, backed up by every blogging advice-giving expert out there.  Like these for example: [ Personal Branding For Job SeekersThe Ultimate Guide to Personal BrandingAdd This To Your Resume...; etc. etc. ]  All good stuff.  Advice is great.  If you take the time to skim through the advice offered in these three links alone, you will find that in one way or another, they all say personal branding is the “magic bullet”, the “secret weapon”... the one thing that will give you an edge.  However... none of then tells you how to make that happen in a way that is quick and easy.  That's where we come in.

Now, we can’t remake your life or make you appear better than you are... but what we do offer is a simple, smart, quick way to put all that advice into action.  We offer an affordable plan that takes about an hour and sets you back a mere $100.00.

Cut To The Chase

A personal branding website is what all the experts are saying you need.  It sounds like a major undertaking, right?  No!  We provide a career game-changer that you can start using to boost your job hunting efforts in 24 hours or less at a cost of $100.00.

  1. Complete the form here. (Check it out. You don’t pay until AFTER you complete this detailed profile form, so no worries in checking it out now...)
  2. After you compete and submit, you will go to PayPal to pay the $100 fee.
  3. Your site goes live in 24 hours or less.

What You Get For Just $100.00

  1. You get a website that looks like one of these: (click to preview)


  2. You get a professional PDF resume that looks like this:

  3. You get a promo banner to add to the emails you send to job opportunities letting them know that YOU stand out.  Your email banner looks like this:



Now, your chances or getting looked at are increased exponentially because you are doing something to make yourself special, unique, forward-thinking and a desirable addition to any organization.

So what are you waiting for?  Get Started Right Here, Right Now.

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