Jackie Wilder — Internet Marketer
Jackie Wilder
Internet Marketer
Personal Story

I attended catholic school grades K through 6 in Mississippi. This gave me a solid educational foundation so that when I went to public school at grade 7, I was ahead of the rest of the students. Catholic school being what it is, classes in art and music were limited, so when I got to public school, I naturally gravitated towards those disciplines and excelled.

I knew I was a "people person" early as I simply loved interacting with folks at all levels. I went to college at the University of Mississippi and graduated with a major in Public Relations. I felt Mississippi was not a place where I wanted to raise a family, so I moved west to Seattle. This is when I got into sales.

After a few years of doing that, the Internet appeared and I began learning all about online marketing and found employment in that arena. I quickly became an expert at all types of online marketing. At first it was simple SEO, but grew into banner ads, press release marketing, article marketing and more.

I started a small internet marketing business and hired a few people full-time, and numerous freelancers for specific work like copywriting, design, and website building. It was going gangbusters... that is until 2008 hit. The bottom fell out and it was back to myself going solo again. So I learned some new skills like video production and kept up my public relations and marketing skills.

Around that time social media was coming on strong and I took to that like a fish to water! I now find that I want to join a large organization and have dreams of a management position or CEO of marketing.