Personal Branding For Job Seekers

Taking You To The Top Of The Interview Pile.

All the experts say that a personal brand website is the key to differentiating yourself in today's crowded job hunting landscape.  Sounds good, but where to start?  We've got a solid plan.

We start with a straightforward visual design coupled with simple, prominent navigation to allow for a quick review of your abilities, skills, background and value to the prospective employer.  We follow that with content gathered from a comprehensive online information gathering form.  We give you prominent links to your various online data like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., as well portfolio links to whatever online work you need to display based on your skills and profession/field of expertise.  All of this is cleverly rolled into one of several themes you may choose from that fits your personality.  The result is a personal branding for job seekers tool that fulfills the outline presented by various experts on the value of a personal brand website that will enhance your job seeking efforts.

In addition to this powerful web site, we also develop a professional PDF Resume which becomes the downloadable version of the personal brand website, and finally a branded email footer that is strategically used to alert prospective employers and recruiters whose job opportunities you might reply to via email.  Put together, these three elements give you a significant edge over the competition.  It truly is a personal branding for job seekers strategy that is unbeatable.  And moreover, it's all provided to you for a reasonable cost of just $100.00.

What You Get For Just $100.00

  1. You get a website that looks like one of these: (click to preview)


  2. You get a professional PDF resume that looks like this:

  3. You get a promo banner to add to the emails you send to job opportunities letting them know that YOU stand out.  Your email banner looks like this:



Do what the job seeking expoerts are saying is the single thing that will set you apart and fast-track your job search efforts—and more importantly—put your profile at the top of the pile.  It takes about an hour to complete the YOU Insta-Brand info gathering form that becomes the content for your personal branding for job seekers and PDF resume, and after that, your site goes LIVE in 24 hours or less.


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