Resume Writing Examples

If you looking for resume writing examples, you probably need one.  Why not get something better that a standard resume?  One that will make you stand out and get noticed.

Think about it: if every resume looks the same, and with 250 people on average submitting resumes for the average job, [ 250 + ] and only 2% of those submitted actually get interviews [ Only 2% ], you need an edge.  And we have just the thing.  Our personal brand website makes any resume writing example look like a relic from the 20th century.  Plain old Word doc resumes will not get you noticed.  Plain and simple.  You need something more powerful, more personal, and more effective.

Most of what you find when you search Resume Writing Examples is great advice.  Read it all.  Use it all... use it all HERE when you complete the YOU Insta-Brand Personal Info Data Capture Form where you have to opportunity to tell your personal story.  Where you have the opportunity to talk about you personal strengths.  Where you have the opportunity to record a personal greeting in your own voice.  Where you have the opportunity to post a personal profile video—all of which become part of your "personal scorecard" which leads off the Home Page of your personal brand website which will get you noticed.  All this makes the average resume writing examples looks pretty passé, right?  You bet!

If after you've had a chance to review the examples of what we like to call the "resume for the 21st century", we're pretty confident you'll think that the normal resume writing examples you might have found from your search are just not the going to cut it.

The website we deliver for you becomes a "home" for your social media footprint and so much more.  It paints you as an individual who can be evaluated on your merits giving you a much better shot at finding that "perfect fit" job.

And best of all, it's just $100.00 and here’s what it includes:

  • A powerful Personal Brand website:
    Click to visit any of these samples sites.  See More Here.

  • A Scorecard of your "Vital Stats" that helps sell your strengths instantly

  • An audio introduction clip of YOU

  • A Video Profile of YOU







With a personal branding strategy to help define your career profile, you set yourself apart.  You intensify your job search efforts by taking one important step that brands you and makes you unique—and more importantly—places you ahead of the job-hunting crowd.  It takes about an hour to complete the YOU Insta-Brand info gathering form that becomes the basis for your website and PDF resume.  After that, your site goes LIVE in 24 hours or less.


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